Marrowstone Island Community Association (MICA)


Please review the letter at the bottom of this page from Bud Ayres, MICA President, which provides important information about MICA resulting from the current Global Pandemic.


Marrowstone Island Community Association (MICA) was established in 1950 and incorporated in the State of Washington. The Association has been approved as a non-profit organization but is unable to accept Federal income tax-deductible donations.

The object of MICA is to provide a common meeting place for residents and land owners on Marrowstone Island, to serve as a forum for education and information, and to represent the interests of the island.

MICA meets at the Nordland Garden Club clubhouse at 320 Garden Club Road on the third Monday evening during September, November, January, March and May.  An Association business meeting is conducted at each gathering, followed by a program of general interest to the membership. The first gathering each fiscal year in September begins with a community potluck supper.

Membership is open to all residents and/or property owners of the Island who are at least eighteen years of age.

MICA sponsors an annual Strawberry Festival in June as well as other social events during the year. Residents and visitors enjoy strawberry shortcake at the festival. Strawberries were once grown all over Marrowstone Island and can be found growing wild in many places.

General meeting announcements are posted on the Island entrance signboard and at the Nordland Store. Announcements of meetings and events are also disseminated over various electronic list servers on the Island.


Marrowstone Island Community Association

April 30, 2020


The Board of Directors of MICA, in response to the Washington State Covid-19 “Stay at Home” directives, has made several decisions with regard to future events.

  1. The May meeting has been cancelled.

  2. The Strawberry Festival has been cancelled for 2020.

  3. The Candidates Forum may still be held in the Fall or links will be provided to candidates’ online events.

  4. Absent a means of gathering the membership for a vote on officers, the current Board of Directors has agreed to remain in office for the coming 2020-2021 year.

In addition, the Board wants every member to be aware of available services in Jefferson County. Please view appropriate links here:

Last but never least, there is a fund at the Nordland General Store for those in need of basic foodstuffs. If you have need, go to the store and you will be assisted with getting up to $50 worth of goods (not including candy or alcohol). If you are not in need but would like to make a donation to the fund and take it / mail it to the store.

The Board hopes everyone is safe, healthy and managing this difficult time as well as possible. Take care of yourself. We’re thinking of all of you.

Our thanks,

Bud Ayres

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