2022 Strawberry Festival

Hi Neighbors — Some Good News:

It’s on!   MICA will be hosting the Strawberry Festival on Sunday, June 26. It will be outdoors at the Garden Club, around noon. There will be games for children, grandchildren and for adults. And, of course, Graysmarsh Strawberries for delicious Strawberry Shortcake. Rumor has it the shortcakes will again be generously baked by Garden Club members.

 It will start with a bring-your-own-picnic for Marrowstone Islanders. There may be craft booths, music, the official Island tug of war. Stay tuned for more details like exact times. But for now, mark your calendars for June 26th.

Currently, masks are optional as the event is outdoors. We will comply with Jefferson County health and safety rules.

We look forward to seeing you there.

MICA Board

Nordland Store Update

Hello Friends of the Nordland Store!

The Nordland Store reconstruction has begun!

The new roof will likely be getting installed starting this weekend.

And, there is (finally) a project that needs volunteer support:  Repainting the exterior of the store.

If you are interested in helping PLEASE communicate with Rachael Van Lannen (mysterybayfarm@gmail.com) -- she is helping as a favor to Tom and Sue and doesn't want them to deal with organizing logistics, phone calls etc.

Starting 10/19/2021 -- Tom and Sue will be doing all the prep work prior to painting, but help scraping the exterior would be appreciated.

Following are what is needed for this phase of the work:
  • Labor helping to scrape the old paint
  • Labor helping paint and caulk exterior siding
  • Paint sprayers
  • Donation (money) for the paint
    • insurance is just giving a lump sum, which is clearly not going cover total costs of reconstruction. This is partially due to the fact that the demolition contractors charged a lot and did more work than was required (or wanted).


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