Marrowstone Island Hellow Pages
Updated October 2017

History of the Marrowstone Island Hellow Pages

The original Marrowstone Island HELLOW Pages booklet was sponsored by the Marrowstone Island Community Association (MICA) and made available at Island organization meetings and the Nordland General Store. The first edition was created in 2002 by Mike Zimmerman, MICA president 2001-2002, with the help of Mary TennBrink (Editor) and cover art by Marge Illman. The 2nd edition was published in January 2006. The inside of the front cover read as follows:

Welcome to the second edition of the Marrowstone Island HELLOW Pages. As new residents of Marrowstone in 1998, our family went through that “discovery” phase of who, what, and where services, organizations, and activities were available in the area—particularly on Marrowstone. We were amazed and impressed by the variety of Marrowstone Island resident owned, operated and organized opportunities.

It took years to discover what is listed within this little booklet. The HELLOW Pages is intended to shorten your “discovery” phase, introduce you to the diversity of Marrowstone and connect you with some of your neighbors.

This MICA sponsored booklet will be available at Island organization meetings and the Nordland General Store. It will serve as a welcome-wagon piece for our newcomers.

Say “HELLOW” to your Island neighbors.

Mike Zimmerman, MICA president 2001-2002”

The information following is the latest update.

Island Organizations

Fort Flagler State Park

The Park is one of nearly forty heritage sites administered by the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission. Its 784 acres are virtually surrounded by water. Facilities include picnic tables, stoves, campsites, boat launch, mooring facilities, and a group camp.

Swimming, fishing, clamming, and hiking are popular activities. Accommodations are also available in three barracks camps with kitchen and dining facilities and five furnished vacation houses for rent (Housing Office, 360.385.3701). A museum interprets the history of this one-time coastal defense fort and its two counterparts, Forts Casey and Worden. Two 3-inch guns, obtained from Fort Wint in the Philippines, have been installed as a reminder to visitors of the weapons that were once a vital part of Fort Flagler.

Contact:    (360) 385-1259

Friends of Fort Flagler (FoFF)

FoFF works to restore, preserve and protect the history of Fort Flagler as well as provide assistance and support for park staff. Members raise money for park improvements and aid in maintenance and historic preservation. Annual group events have included a Shellfish Seminar, hosting a booth at the Jefferson County Fair,Saturday work parties, and the annual organization meeting. FoFF also sponsors outdoor music concerts as fundraising events during the summer.

Contact:    PO Box 74, Nordland WA 98358

Marrowstone Island Foundation (MIF)

MIF is administered by a local volunteer Board of Directors. This locally funded nonprofit organization works to enhance the quality of life on Marrowstone Island through financial support of projects promoting the health, safety and welfare of all Island residents.

Additional information can be found at

Contact:    PO Box 155, Nordland WA 98358.

Mystery Bay State Park

During Prohibition, smuggling alcohol from Canada was a profitable and somewhat honored occupation in the remote waters of northwest Washington. Sequestered between Marrowstone and Indian Islands, Kilisut Harbor was one refuge used by smugglers to evade Coast Guard vessels. The smugglers’ shallow draft boats were readily hidden in the overhanging trees at a small bay near the end of the harbor, and their regular disappearance here was categorized by the Coast Guard as “mysterious” hence the name for the bay.

The park is designated as a marine recreation area with its facilities  primarily for boaters. A pier leads out to a long float that is available for overnight mooring facilities. Mooring buoys are also available. A single lane launch ramp drops down gently to the sloping beach north of the floats.

Clams and oysters can be found on the beach at low tide and offshore crabbing is usually fruitful during the designated season.

Contact:    (360) 385-1259

Nordland Garden Club (NGC)

The NGC meets at 10:00 a.m. on the second Wednesday of each month September through June at the Garden Club Building, 320 Garden Club Road, Nordland WA 98358. Guests are welcome.

The Club's objectives are to increase knowledge of horticulture; promote conservation of resources; promote civic pride in protecting the environment; protect native trees, plants, birds, and establish sanctuaries in our yards; promote the appreciation of gardening; enhance gardening skills; and contribute to the community.

Contact:    (360) 385-5122 (leave a message)    PO Box 131, Nordland WA 98358

Sound View Cemetery

The Sound View Cemetery is located on East Marrowstone Road. It was established in 1895 on property donated by Peter and Anna Nordby, developed by Marrowstone property owners through MICA, and is operated by an ongoing board of directors. Only Marrowstone property owners are eligible to purchase burial plots for themselves or members of their immediate family.

Contact:    Owen Mulkey - (360) 385-5374 or Bruce Carlson - (360) 386-1756.

US Post Office, Nordland WA 98358

The Nordland Post Office is located in the Nordland General Store building at 7180 Flagler Rd, Nordland WA 98358.

Window hours:    Monday-Friday:    9:00am - 12:30pm, 1:30pm – 4:00pm
                            Saturday:             9:00am – 12:00pm
                            Sunday:               Closed

Contact:    (360) 385-2825.

Off Island Organizations

Chimacum School District

CSD49 Logo Our schools strive to provide an exciting, flexible environment where students of all ages successfully prepare for their unique futures and as responsible members of society.  We’re committed to high academic expectations and standards.  We proactively work together to provide skills, knowledge, and resources to ensure a fully supportive environment for excellence in education for the entire community.

Contact Information

Phone: (360) 302-5890            email:



Naval Magazine (NAVMAG) Indian Island

In 1939, the United States Navy purchased Indian Island as part of the World War II preparation and buildup in Puget Sound. The Navy utilized the installation as an ammunition loading and storage facility for war ships operating in the Pacific Fleet during the war. The Island's mission also included submarine net production and mine maintenance operations during World War II.

Today, NAVMAG Indian Island functions as the ordnance management center for fleet and shore stations in the Pacific Northwest Region.

The command provides quality and responsive logistics, technical and material support in the areas of retail ammunition management, and ordnance system components maintenance. It also provides technical support of ordnance and ordnance-related equipment and processes, and logistics management as the only active breakbulk and containerized ordnance transshipment port in support of the joint services of the Pacific command.

Additional information can be found at:

Tri-Area Community Center

The Tri-Area Community Center offers Wi-Fi, Senior Nutrition, kitchen & room rental space. Meeting room space is provided for programs and activities of an informational, educational, cultural or civic nature primarily, and for other organizations as space and time is available. All community meetings must be open to the public at no charge. Use of meeting rooms for fund raising or profit making activities is subject to prior approval of the Center Manager. The Center is located at 10 West Valley Road, Chimacum, 98325.

Contact:     Kim Redmond - (360) 732-4822.


Marrowstone Island Beach Cottages

Marrowstone Island Beach Cottages is a family-run cottage getaway on the Oak Bay beachfront. Remote individual cottages of all sizes as well as a central meeting room complete with kitchen are available for rent.

Contact:     (360) 385-3077 / (800) 871-3077

Art / Music / Crafts

Harp Music for Weddings, Funerals, and other Gala Occasions

Contact:    Paula Lalish    (360) 385-4265

Kasia Designs

Mixed-media art and jewelry designs, shown by appointment.

Contact:    Kathy Constantine - (360) 385-5600

Marrowstone Pottery

Specializing in high fire Flameware (Furnoware) pottery, stoneware and porcelain pottery and handmade tile murals.

Contact:    George and Helena Tsitsas - (360) 379-5169

PJE Designs

Handcrafted jewelery

Contact:    P. J. Earnest - (360) 379-1779

Sculpture / Drawing

Sculpture, portraits, abstracts, figure studies. Internationally recognized in Who’s Who in American Art.

Contact:    Rita Kepner - (360) 385-597

Building Supplies / Hardware

Carl’s Building Supply

“Buy where the builders buy”    10733 Rhody Dr, Port Hadlock, WA 98339

Hours:    Monday - Friday: 7:00 am - 5:00 pm

                Saturday - 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Contact:    Lawrence Johnson - (360) 385-2111; (800) 788-2110

Communications on the Island

There are three electronic mailing lists/websites available for Marrowstone Island residents:

1. Marrowstone-island - A Yahoo Group founded in 1999 to facilitate electronic communications between Island residents and to be used as a medium to disseminate information of interest to residents.

Group email addresses:

Subscribe:    Send a message to You will receive a reply with further instructions.
Post Message:

    Once you have subscribed, send a message to
    Send a message to
List Owner:
    Contact the List Owned (Moderator) at

2. Marrowstone-island2 - A Yahoo Group founded in 2015 to facilitate electronic communications between Island residents and to be used as a medium to disseminate information of interest to residents. This Group was established when it appeared that the original Marrowstone-island group was in danger of being dissolved.

Group email addresses:

    Send a message to You will receive a reply with further instructions
Post Message:    Once you have subscribed, send a message to
Send a message to
List Owner:    Contact the List Owner (Moderator) at

3. Marrowstone Island Nextdoor (MI Nextdoor) - A private social network for neighborhoods. You must be a resident of a particular neighborhood to become a subscriber to that private network.

If you would like to get more information about MI Nextdoor, visit

If you would like to subscribe to MI Nextdoor, visit enter your street address and email address, then click on “Find your neighborhood”. Then follow the prompts to enter your information.

Computers and Internet

MI Computer and Internet Explorers (MICIE)

Join us on most Monday nights to explore computers and the Internet. We do not know all there is to know about computers and the Internet, so let's learn together.

Contact:    Pete and Heidi Hubbard - (360) 385-0105

Surf Shop Computers

PC service and repair.

Contact:    Reuben Lalish - (360) 301-5620


Al Smith Woodworking

Custom cabinetry, fine woodworking, furniture.

Contact:    Al Smith - (360) 379-0217

D. J. Construction

Remodeling, new construction, all phases thereof, anything creative.

Contact:    Don Ault - (360) 379-6965

Emergency Services

East Jefferson Fire-Rescue

The health and safety of Marrowstone Island residents is protected by professional Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), fire fighters, and paramedics stationed in Chimacum and a dedicated group of volunteer EMTs and firefighters living on Marrowstone Island. If you would like to become a member of their volunteer ranks, please contact East Jefferson Fire-Rescue.

Contact:    Chief Gordon Pomeroy - (360) 385-2626

Jefferson County Department of Emergency Management

A wealth of information about all emergency management topics.

Contact:    (360) 385-9368

Marrowstone Island Emergency Preparedness (MIEP)

Several Island volunteers, are working to create and maintain a Marrowstone Island Emergency Preparedness web page. Any level of help is useful.

Contact:    Owen Mulkey - (360) 385-5374

                 Pete Hubbard - (360) 385-0105

Exchanges (Magazines, Books, Puzzles, etc.)

Magazines & Paperback Books

Nordland General Store

Picture Puzzles

Borrow, exchange, or donate jigsaw puzzles

Contact:    Heidi Hubbard - (360) 385-0105


Baumberger’s Island Farm & Garden

Self-serve roadside stand with veggies, fruit and flowers. Grass fed beef available when announced. Open daily most of the year.

Contact:    Brian & Connie Baumberger - (360) 385-0763

Mystery Bay Farm

Small-scale, artisan goat dairy. Tours available by reservation.

Contact:    Scott Brinton and Rachael Van Laanen - (360) 385-3309  

Otter Hill Farm

Otter Hill offers fresh fruit and vegetables spring through autumn. Orders are taken by phone or email.

Contact:    Bruce & Jeanette Travis - (360) 385-3739    201 Garden Club Rd, Nordland WA 98368

Landscape Services

Immediate Results Landscape

Immediate Results Landscape provides all lawn maintenance, renovation, and treatment as well as pruning and spreading beauty bark and more.  We also clean rooftops and gutters.

Contact:    James and Katherine Caldwell - (360) 379-2498

Real Estate Services

RE/MAX First, Inc.

“Nobody sells more real estate than RE/MAX!”

Contact:    Kevin M. Miller - (360) 385-7348


Bayview Pumps, Inc.

Complete water systems, well pumps, pressure and storage systems, water softeners, and other filtration. Well and water testing.

Contact:    Steven Grace - (360) 379-8000

Dave’s Tree Service

Topping, falling, limbing, view trimming, hazardous tree removal, complete clean up, timber falling. Free estimates.

Contact:    Dave Keeler - (360) 385-2741

Denny’s Saw Sharpening

Sharpening service for contractors and home-makers. Knives, scissors, all construction tools, chain saws.

Contact:    Denny Severson - (360) 385-5536

North Winds

Welding, metal fabrication and repairs. Marine, architectural and general work in steel, stainless steel, aluminum and bronze.

Contact:    Peter Kopetzky - (360) 379-0487


Alterations - hand or machine work

Contact:    Kay Goodhue - (360) 385-6199


Custom wearable art fabrication and design. Fees negotiable; barter considered.

I’d rather make a new pair of pants than fix a zipper, but sometimes I can be persuaded.

Contact:    Paula Lalish - (360) 385-4265


Weeding, windows, & whatnot. Specializing in Garden Reclamation. Serving Islanders for 31 years.

Contact:    Kellie Ragan - (360) 385-1543

Social Groups

Marrowstone Striders

Walk with us M-W-F, rain or shine, year-round. Congenial co-ed group, mostly age 50+, but all ages and speeds are welcome! We meet Mondays at East Beach parking lot and walk on E. Marrowstone to Meade Road and back. Locations vary on Wednesdays. Fridays we meet at the Fort Gate parking lot and pick our route depending on weather or whim.

There ar two groups: The early birds meet at 7:55ish am and walk until about 9:00 am. The second group meets at 9:00 am and walks until 10:00 am.

Call for more information or to find out Wednesday location

Contact:    Patti Ivers - (360) 385-2083    Ruth Winn - (360) 379-6825

Stores / Restaurants / Delis

Beachcomber Cafe

Summer’s not complete without an ice cream treat, an espresso drink, or iced mocha! Come to the Beachcomber Cafe at Fort Flagler State Park and enjoy the view from the deck. Grill, kites, snacks and more.

Contact:    Jim and Maj-Britt Peacock - (360) 385-7637

Food Consulting / Private Cooking / Gardening

Contact:    Hope Borsato - (360) 301-1350

Mystery Bay Seafood Catering

Catering fresh seafood dinners and home delivery of seafood products (seafood chowder, clams, oysters and mussels)

Contact:    Leonard Johnson - (360) 390-8134

Nordland General Store

Espresso, best selection of micro brews, boat rentals, gift items, fine wines, movie rentals, seafood, toys. And yes, we do have groceries.

Tom & Sue Rose, owners of the Nordland General Store organize several community-building annual events:

Polar Bear Dip
At noon on every January 1 since 1994, residents and visitors have gathered on the dock in front of the Nordland General Store for the Polar Bear Dip, organized by store owner Tom Rose. The store sells commemorative shirts and hats each year. Water temperatures are in the forties (Fahrenheit) and air temperatures are about the same. On more than one occasion, there has been standing ice on the water in the days prior to the Polar Bear Dip.

Tractor Days Parade
Every Memorial Day weekend, island residents bring their tractors to parade them in front of the Nordland General Store.

Christmas Tree Lighting
Santa arrives by boat and the store's Christmas tree is lighted.

Contact:    Tom and Sue Rose - (360) 385-0777    7180 Flagler Rd, Nordland WA 98358

Valley Tavern

The Valley Tavern in Port Hadlock offers their World Famous Valley Burgers: a half pound of broiled hamburger, secret sauce, onions and, Tillamook cheese melted to perfection. There are other comparable tasty entrees on the menu.

Sunday evenings - Bacon Bingo
Monday - TGIM (Thank God It's Monday) - $1special on draft PBR.
Tuesday - Steak Night
Wednesday - Peanuts are served
Friday - Fish and Chips (6 to 9 pm).
Manager Cindy Brown plans entertaining events throughout the year. For a quick wedding, Chuck will officiate in the beer garden. Birthdays are heralded by a blow on the bugle.

Contact:    Chuck and Karen Russell (owners for over 30 years) - (360) 385-0388

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